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known as The Vegan Chef, Jacques Laventur specializes in healthy dishes that incorporate traditional cuisines with his desire for natural flavors. Jacques studied the fine art of gourmet cooking at the prestigious International Culinary Center in Soho NYC. After obtaining his culinary degree he completed externships with companies such as VICE media and worked with the American Heart Association. Laventur gained press and media recognition when featured on MTV, Fox, USA Today, ABC, NBC, Dallas Innovates and Vegetarian Food Festivals nation wide. Jacques passion is mixing the eclectic flavors of Texas barbeque with the Caribbean aromas and Haiti’s traditional dishes where his family raised him. Jacques has been able to translate his vast experience and culinary knowledge of classic French cuisine into a realm not many have ventured to - Veganism. The result are signature dishes that are both classic and innovating  exploding with delicious exotic flavors that at the same time cultivate healthy eating habits.

As a part of his passion for philanthropy and healthy living Jacques is part of the Haitian Culinary Alliance, a global non-profit educational networking organization of hospitality and culinary professionals.

Jacques also gives back through health and fitness educational programs to underprivileged children in US and Haiti. Jacques specializes in catering for fundraising dinners and corporate  event dinners.

Chef Jacques Laventur is a published author of popular recipe books such as “14 Minute Snacks” “Bon Appetit Vegan” and “Sexy Vegan Snacks” that have been sold worldwide, his goal is Vegan cooking made simple without compromising all the full robust flavors and high nutritional values our bodies require. Chef Jacques is currently working on launching his Vegan Cooking School in New York City to teach his unique approach to Vegan cooking and the body-mind food philosophy.


Chef Jacques, a health enthusiast, takes the simplicity of Haitian food making and gives it a healthy Vegan twist. Celebrating Caribbean culture — the food — of French influenced colonized countries Chef Jacques maintains the authenticity of traditional cooking by making spices from scratch grinding the cloves and using fresh garlic and parsley. ChefJacques loves to use metabolism boosting spices such Cayenne Pepper and Cardamom, healthy spices with anti inflammatory properties such as Ginger and Curry rich with Turmeric and spices such Cumin and Cinnamon that improve glycemic control. Instead of using a lot of butter as often traditional French cuisine does, he uses Vegan butter substitute or organic coconut oil.
Proficient in a variety of cooking methods and styles from around the world Chef Jacques customizes each menu he preparers especially for the audience taste and cultural background to make sure your guests palate experiences a side of Vegan cuisine that they did not expect or think possible.



Chef Jacques Lavnture life mission is to help others get physically and mentally healthy. Known for cooking Love Food shirtless in nature some have called him “ The Naked Chef” but for Jacques being a "Naked Chef" is more than just cooking with his shirt off, it's about stripping food down to the bare essentials to feed the body, providing the fuel required for maximum physical and mental performance while also becoming one with nature to find our true calling and passions in life.

As a part of his spiritual practice Jacques incorporates meditation in his personal and professional life, during food demonstrations Chef Jacques instructs the audience in a guided group meditation session before commencing onto the food preparation high energy segment where he showcases his cooking skills while answering Q and A from the audience. Jacques has been teaching meditation group classes since 2010 at Borough Manhattan Community College: “I find that teaching has been about guidance versus dictation. We are constantly sold on what our lives should be like. People are more stressed to be fit externally than mindfully healthy. My meditation classes helped bring students back to their true self. ”

Jacques shares his love for food, people and the environment by helping us to incorporate foods that heal the body into everyday life, open the chakras and encourage positive vibrations that will change our life experience by cultivating healthy habits and spiritual alignment: “This is a chance to reset from the influences of the world. In a society that constantly challenges your identity, this is an opportunity to solidify that you are enough. In the world that we live in, we are forced to constantly adapt. however, meditation allows you to hit the “reset” button and realign yourself with who you are”.

Through tasty foods and simple lifestyle changes, anyone can create a life of abundance and a strong mentally fit attitude that will allow you to live life to the fullest.

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