MUSIC BOX Television


Logos and elements Identity and advertising production for television brand "Music Box". With over 20 years of broadcasting history and 80 million followers worldwide television brand “Music Box” has come to Gibraltar, Russia and Ukraine.
24 hours of broadcasting the best video clips of domestic and foreign artists, the most relevant news of show business, entertainment programs and hit parades
The TV channel is represented in most cable networks of Ukraine and in popular cable networks in Russia and abroad (CIS and Baltic countries, Germany, Israel) and in hotels in popular resorts in Turkey, Egypt, Spain and the UAE. Since November 2016 Music Box has been presented in the cable networks of Poland INEA, TOYA, VECTRA.

Only in the highest quality, only in full HD.
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And also elements Identity and advertising production.


Presentation in Gibraltar

Presentation in Ukraine





This year Music Box brand has changed significantly, and we are very pleased that Lioness Productions made these changes happened. We are very pleased with the results of our cooperation. Four TV channels of Music Box Group in Russia, Gibraltar and Ukraine received their new modern logos. New branding has been positively accepted both by our viewers as well as business partners. We’d like to thank Lioness Productions that they had creatively and efficiently completed the task, having met very strict deadlines.

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