Concert show "Lazarev."


The singer presented the Lazarev show at the Olimpiysky sports complex in Moscow and toured 60 cities. In 2014, for this show he received MuzTV 2014 award in the nomination "The best concert show of the year".

Each block of the new LAZAREV. Show creates a feeling of a complete mini-story, which, nevertheless, fits into the overall concept of the program. “This is not just a concert - it is a show, a musical performance with theatrical elements,” says Sergey.

The show lasts two hours and shows Lazarev from completely different sides both in vocal and in acting. Especially for him, the best designers of Russia and Ukraine developed and sewed about a dozen new costumes, each time representing the Artist and his ballet in a new image, in a new character!

Today Sergey Lazarev is one of the most striking and fashionable performers on the Russian popular stage, the owner of numerous music awards and awards. Being a perfectionist by nature, he is not afraid to experiment and set the tone in Russian music, bringing it to a qualitatively new, European level. And this is not surprising, because everything that Sergey Lazarev does - from recording songs, shooting videos, performing on stage to playing in the theater - is always done with one hundred percent dedication.

The show premiered on March 30, 2013 at the Olimpiysky Sports Complex (North Hall)

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