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Woman you are BEAUTIFUL

4, Feb 14, 2013

On Valentine day, the day that celebrate LOVE to one another, women sometime need to be reminded to love ourselves a bit more before being concern about the man/partner that should love us.
Woman You Are Beautiful...! no matter what size or shape, no matter your nationality or your skin color ALL woman are beautiful and all are desired.... maybe not by everyone but by someone. In my job I am surrounded by beautiful people... I see handsome men flex their muscle in front of my lens but with all due respect to men everywhere there is nothing that can compare to the beauty of a woman... Only a woman can walk into a room and take your breath away, make your heart skip a beat as her essence and glow hits you like thousand waives, only a gorgeous woman has that star dusted presence that can hypnotize you, just like the sailors looking at the mythological Sirens, enchanted, you cant stop looking and your eyes and mind wants more.


Authentic Indian Beauty ANTM Anchal Joseph shot by Photographer Maya Guez Hair: Iyana Winfield

Celebrating women of all kinds is something I have done in my photography work and hope to continue to use my work to empower woman of all shapes, ages and nationalities. We all sometimes obsess about our imperfections, we look for validations in how men treat us and make them supplementary instead of what they should be- complementary. Even worse is that some woman let their insecurities translate into cattiness and hatefulness towards other women who they perceive to "have" more then them (mostly just jealousy of the attention they are getting). I hope to encourage all woman to realize how powerful they could be if they just harness their abilities and understand how special and blessed we are.

Regale Asian Beauty. Ad campaign for Aria Valente shot by Photographer Maya Guez  Model: Danni Wang Hair: Iyana Winfield

Regale Asian Beauty. Ad campaign for Aria Valente shot by Photographer Maya Guez  Model: Danni Wang Hair: Iyana Winfield

I think positivity always wins over negativity and loving other women can only improve your life, learning to see the beauty in diversity and appreciating women in all their forms and ages will ultimately make you appreciate yourself more and there is nothing more sexy then a woman with poise and confidence. Some try to compare or measure Beauty to scale what a woman is "worth" but physical beauty is temporary even the most beautiful flower will wither a way and die... its just the way of the world. So, if you define your self worth by your physical ALONE then you have a bumpy ride a head of you... you can be the most beautiful woman in the world and still get cheated on, just ask stars like Hally Berry and Elizabeth Hurley they Some men are greedy and mear beauty will not keep them around for long... before you know it they will go on to sample the next dish at the buffet even if its much less yummy then you! 

So how are you going to find your self worth? will you let other people tell you who you are?  Like I said before for one person you are a goddess for another you are trash...! so realizing its more a matter of compatibly is a step in the right direction everyone of us is perfect for someone... some people will treat you like simple gathering of data but a woman is more then just a body with symbols of fertility you don't "expire" the minute you stop producing eggs and you don't "not qualify" just because you have some extra pounds or because your tits are too small.  The unique essence beyond all that  needs to be celebrated and empowered by non other then yourself. Challenge and improve yourself, pursue your goals and dreams, never sell yourself short and the right people will be attracted to you and come in to your life.

Ebony Goddess beauty. Ad campaign for Concellia shot by Photographer Maya Guez  featuring radio personality and model: Naja Matthews

Ebony Goddess beauty. Ad campaign for Concellia shot by Photographer Maya Guez  featuring radio personality and model: Naja Matthews

A few months ago I was a VIP guest in one of NYC most exclusive clubs the famous DJ who also manages one of fashion biggest brands invited me to his birthday party. Everyone was complimenting me and trying to get a few minutes of my time since they realized by my association I was "Important" and aperently a part of some "click" they wanted to be apart of... after me and my preety blond girlfriend left the party we pass by Provocateur a known night club in NYC meatpacking district that caters to mostly fashion people and models. My girlfriend said "lets go and check it out..." The tall skinny high fashion looking brunet at the door said in a bored tone "who's list are you on?... we didn't even had a chance to answer before the guy next to her looked at me and said "Mmmm NO you cant go in, try P90X for 3 months and then come back".... my confused friend looked at me and said "what does he mean?" I smiled at her and answered "he says we are too FAT to go in". The female model at the door grinned a mean girl smile and the guy took a second look directly pointing at my ample sized ass then blurbed "yea go work out for 30 days Insanity or P90x!" I looked at this chubby pale guy and answered: "maybe you should take your own advice marshmallow man, I want to hear you say this to Kim kardashian or Beyoncé..." While I was fairly unbothered by this incident my girlfriend had a face like her dog just died... she ranted with sad eyes "I don't understand what's wrong with us? are we not good enough? just cause we don't look like models?" I quickly calmed her down and let her know she does look like a model and it was all my fault... I apparently broke some holy rule by going to a fashion party when I am 5'6 and weight 155lb. LOL

Fit body and pearly skin model Lindsay Mayfield was perfect for Dr. Sante ad campaign a brand of sport nutrition shot by Photographer Maya Guez.

The truth is we measure ourselves too much by social standard we didn't make.... Most people are not independend thinkers and just go by what other "important " people say is "right" or "beautiful" never stopping to challenge those concept and open their minds... The Media and Hollywood idolizes one type of beauty and make even women turn on each other, one nationality looking down on another, skinny women looking down on the curvy ones as "fat" and curvy women reply by saying things like "I am a REAL woman" but there is no such thing, all woman are real women, skinny or small just as much as the curvy or big ones, they are all beautiful and desirable... and trust me there are plenty of men out there that fantasies about every kind. Some of the most searched terms in my blog is "BBW" (big beautiful women) and "curvy wide hips" much because I had the privilege of shooting a BBW by the name of Velvet D'amour and the post featuring her image is one of the most popular on my blog!

Smooth like Velvet! Velvet D'Amour BBW model actress and photographer poses for Photographer Maya Guez

Rock solid bodied Jessy Jamez a Fitness model, Lingerie football player and Photographer poses for Photographer Maya Guez

So, regardless if your big and smooth like Velvet or fit and tight like Jessy Jamez- Woman...You Are Beautiful!



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