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4, Aug 12, 2010

What Artists and Models need to know!

Being in this industry you must have thick skin, Actually, being in this world you must have thick skin! I see every day models, actors and other professional in this industry trying to leave their mark on the world. In every persons life we will encounter the nonbelievers, haters and doubters, you must first know who you are and what you are capable of, and its true, you must first love yourself in order to survive the constant competition and criticism thrown at you especially when it comes to the entertainment and fashion Industries.

While a measure of realistic perspective is important, in most cases the people who doubt your abilities are the ones who doubt their own: If they truly believe they can achieve anything they set their mind to then why wouldn't they believe others can do that as well? They would try to make you feel like your not good enough, or that they are better then you... They would find anything to hold above your head - your black, your white, your too skinny or too fat, your gay, your strait, you been to jail, your an immigrant, your too young or too old, your too short or too tall.... the list goes on and on... most of the time they don't even think what they hold above your head is that bad they just want you to think they do. Their objective is to make you feel less then what you are and what you could be. So let me say this; NO ONE is better then you. NO ONE is higher then you, we are all human beings created equal, we all come and leave this world the exact same way, someone can be better at something then you but he is never better then you. You are a world within yourself. We all posses different qualities theses qualities can't always be measured or put in a scale, for one person your a goddess for the next your trash, so which one is it? It is how you see yourself that counts and how you apply yourself with hard work and dedication to achieving your goals and potential.

The fact one photographer has his photo on the cover of Vogue and one has his image in someone's home gallery doesn't mean one image is "artistically better" then another, it just means it served that purpose better. So don't be discouraged and don't measure yourself by other people's standards measure it by your own. 
In the history of art and music there are so many people who had tremendous talent some known and some unknown but the people who are ultimately remembered are not the ones that fallowed the rules but the ones who broke them, not the ones who were up to standards but the ones who redefined the standards. The ones who changed the game up are remembered because they fallowed their true artistic vision and by doing so, up against the wind, made you have a new point of view of things, refreshing and opening your mind. They took the risk of not being understood, never being appreciated and validated by the majority and mainstream because they defined themselves, not let others defined them.
So fallow your heart people! The only measure of success is the one you set for yourself, so regardless if you made a million or not, regardless if you made the cover and everyone knows your name or not, if you bravely fallowed your heart you are a successes.

Here are a few of the questions from my interview in KRAVE magazine that might shed some light about my views on modeling, photography and the industry:

Q: Are there any photo secrets or tips that you can share with models?

A: Be confident and aware of your body - its advantages and disadvantages. Know your angles. Don't try to be something you're not; celebrate YOUR type of beauty. I don't like when models try to force themselves into a body type that is not naturally theirs just to fit a mold of what the industry considers fashionable or beautiful. There is more than one kind of beauty and there's more than one type of modeling. You have to realize that there are a lot of beautiful people that are not "model material" and there's a lot of models who are not "beautiful" so don't use modeling as a validation of being attractive; that is something you should feel from within regardless of if you can or cannot be a model. And don't take it so seriously, have fun with it!

Q: What inspires you and who are some of your favorite photographers?
A:Talent and exotic, unconventional beauty inspires me. As a visual artist, provoking a new point of view drives me and photographers who are able to make you find the beauty in things that went unnoticed is inspiring. Art is meant to open your mind and provoke emotions by giving you new perspective and pressing the right buttons. Sometime simple elements can wow you... for example when Herb Ritts shot Djimon Hounsou with a black octopus on his head and at first sight you didn't know if it’s his hair, a fashion accessory or a part of his body. Also, the way David LaChapelle makes you see aesthetics, structure and richness in his chaotic busy compositions and colors. 


The picture above is of BBW plus model Velvet D'amour. As I was bronzing her 300 pounds hips of fun on our new shoot - this time for a "VOUGE curvy" story about her(Vogue curvy is a division of Italian Vogue for curvy woman) I was yet reminded how fallowing your own path can lead to great success. In her late 30is this vibrate beautiful woman has modeled and walked the runway for designers John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier, as well as been in acclaimed movies in Cannes and Sundance/Tribeca film festivals and a reality hit show in Europe. She is also having an exhibition of her work as a photographer currently showing in upstate NY... Truly sexy inside and out this woman is an inspiration.


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