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Sea Spa

3, Apr 28, 2010

I recently shot advertising campaign for a wonderful cosmetic and skin care company "SEA SPA" that offers natural products that contain mineral and nourishing moisturizing elements and oils from the Dead Sea, Being that I had a chance to visit this amazing place called the dead sea a few years ago - the lowest point on the planet I got to experience myself the amazing healing qualities the mud's, salts and minerals that are in the hot springs and in the sea water, This experience of connecting with nature healing powers is what inspired me to create pure feeling almost spiritual or dream like images with the glowing salts the model is laying on, beautifully blended with her aqua eyes and the sky blue backdrop... I remember I went on a midnight swim with a girlfriend in the Dead Sea... Not a sound around since no animals can live in, or drink those water and the sea is practically without waives since it is surrounded by desert mountains... The water were so warm and salty they almost felt like hot aromatic oils surrounding your body.... You naturally float on them because the amount of salt and minerals... It was a full moon that night which the white salt on the grown reflected and glowed threw the crystal clear water.... It was amazing and relaxing and that serenity is what I wanted to relay to the viewer...

You can visit one of the company web sites at :

You can also see the images featured on the merchandise boxes, bags, posters in stores and billboards in London. Model: Hayley McCourt. Photography, MUA, Art direction, Post Production: Maya Guez. Hair: Fabien Magris.


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