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1, Aug 02, 2010

After quit a hiatus from the online thing I am back in affect! I have recently decided to change it up a bit and travel to the west coast to check things out, I had a lovely 3 weeks in LA fallowed by a semi lovely few days in Las Vegas... On the good end of things I got to check out the market on the west coast and do some location shoots which I don't do very often but on the not so good end I quickly found it to be true that theres a lot of talk in Hollywood but not a lot of doing... After alot of name dropping and hype talking it seems people in LA like to talk more than they like to actually do... I got accustomed to the new york mentality i guess where people have very little time to waist and would not sugar cote things just so u feel good...

When I returned to NYC I began the dawning task of Moving to my newly renovated apartment /Photography studio. I have converted a 3 bedroom apartment into a large lofty space that can comfortably accommodate small scale productions and shoots.
I am also making my studio available for rent for such productions or visiting photographers who are seeking a Manhattan location affordable photo studio. Some of the features of the studio are:
Uptown west side Manhattan location close to central park and morning-side park which also have great shoot spots. Elevator building, a block from C and B trains
Main room 9 feet ceiling, 30 feet long and 21 feet wide on one end and 16 feet on other.
New hardwood floors, 5 large windows and plenty of natural light if needed.
Full kitchen and bathroom/shower. bedroom is utilized for make up and hair station.

Some equipment is included in rental fee such as backdrops (paper and fabrics) light stands, tripods, booms, reflectors, computer gear, wireless triggers and receivers, light shaping tools such as beauty dish, umbrellas, various soft boxes, gels, spots and such.
You can contact me for affordable half day or full day rates. Optional affordable rental for lighting and camera equipment such as profoto lighting system(regular flash heads and ring flash head) I have a total of 7 flash strobes available.
Mamiya AFD with various lenses and 32 megapixel Phase one back.
Other 12 and 15 mega-pixel SLR available. Also film 35 mm and 6 by 4.5 format available for film lovers(r there still any? lol)
Also, I have battery pack for outside location to power your equipment if u choose to go on location as well as 2 compact battery powered strobes that are easy to take with you outside.
I am present during the whole or most of time u are using the space and will gladly help or advice u on any issues you may have. You can contact me with
Maya Guez with model Loren Dixon


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