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Maya Guez in Krave magazine

4, Aug 05, 2010

Check out KRAVE magazine . I just got a hold of a copy of the new Krave mag with Devin Thomas gracing the cover sharply dressed by a wonderful designer I had a pleasure of working with before - Andrew Nowell . So, in this current issue you might notice that one of the headlines on the cover says that i can make anyone look good... Well I don't know if that's true since I'm a photographer not a magician or plastic surgeon but i think i can definitely make anyone look their best and that's all you can really ask for. 

Inside you can read a write up about my work and an interview with me about photography and the industry in general. 
Turns out that according to the reporter who interviewed me I'm a mesmerizing exotic beauty! lol well Thanks Krave for the love! I get it from my momma. 

You will also find inside an interview with new England Patriots NFL player Bret Lockett, The images of him where shot by me and Wardrobe Stylist Douglas Hickman had immaculately dressed Bret in Dolce & Gabbana and Hugo Boss attire

Also, check Bret on KRAVE FIT cover that I shot coming out soon... inside this new fitness addition of Krave you are going to find a hot (yet challenging) workout with Bret we recently shot just before he headed out to training boot camp for his team. Krave Fit will be dropping in the end of September. 

Bret Lockett photographed by Maya Guez , All images are copyrighted and cannot be used or published without permission

Well I'm gonna go mesmerize a sub sandwich and read the rest of the 





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