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Manuel Mendez

4, Nov 04, 2010

Today's spotlight is a new face in modeling, a charming young man and a Dominican hottie name Manuel A. Mendez... I met Manuel through some mutual friends, he expressed that he hesitated for many years if to pursue modeling but recently through the support and inspiration of his surrounding he decided to give this dream a chance to come true.... luckily for me he chose me to be his first (photographer lol).... our shoot was fun and i was impressed by the different sides of his personality he is able to bring out in the pictures, which led me to believe the man was a natural! The shoot was styled by the amazingly talented TY Hunter that hooked up Manuel with some hot wardrobe.
Manuel has unique features, a great athletic physic that is getting better and better each time we meet and he is very dedicated to looking and bringing his best in a photo shoot, he has a great combination of style, sexiness and child like innocence you will immediately fall in love with.... Since our shoot Manuel has been on his way knocking out photoshoot after photoshoot and has worked with some top photographers such as Rick Day, DeAndre DaCosta, and fernand&Victor photography.
Check out some shots from our shoot!



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