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Angela Simmons

5, Jul 13, 2012

Angela Simmons has become quite the fashionista and savvy business woman. The young beauty, daughter of Rev Run (RUN DMC) is fallowing the footsteps of her uncle multi millioner mogul Russel Simmons - first came her successful shoe design label Pastry and starring in reality show "Run's House" now she has partnered up with the leading company in the market for Hair Extension INDIQUE and created a new hair line product "Bikini" that combines tow different textures curl/waive patterns in one weft. Angela is known for her fab and ever changing hair styles so when they commissioned me to shoot the advertising campaign I knew it was going to be an amazing shoot. Because its virgin Indian hair of the highest quality you can ware it strait if you like, or have no problem getting it completely wet on the beach (thus the name bikini) and the curl pattern will snap right back to place....  Lay down and sun bathe with gorgeous lightweight natural looking bouncy curls and waives.
Angela Simmons loved beauty shots I have shot that featured sea shells and sand elements and wanted to recreate that feeling in the shot for her campaign. We decided to have the sun kissed Angela Simmons lay on thousands of pearly capriz shells...

Taking into consideration the metallic bronze color of the packaging tube as well as the purity of the product I shot of Angela with dominant rich bronze and pure whites:

change quality to watch in HD on bottom right: 

You can see the images featured in many online media outlets as well as on media posters, postcards & stickers, web and print advertising.

To see more and purchase Bikini by Angela Simmons go to the Indique web site:

At the red carpet Campaign Launch Party Angela Simmons seem to really be loving the images:

Right: Photographer Maya Guez and Ericka Dotson co founder of INDIQUE hair.Left: with Celbrity Hair stylist Iyana Winfield:

Angela Simmons and Ericka Dotson @ INDIQUE launch party

Angela also did a few signing events with INDIQUE which people lined around the block just to meet her and purchase BIKINI!


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